Social Media Abuse and Criminal Law

19/07/2023 TRENDING By jiten


Social Media is not a trend but a habit now. It has become a requirement for individuals and organisations. With the increase in the use of social media, there are regular instances of its abuse in various forms. This has triggered a new discussion to regulate social media abuse. But the question remains whether the criminal law in India is well-equipped to deal with a new set of offences.


Watch LawWiser video on Social Media Abuse and Criminal Law where our host Sania Husaini in conversation with Vivek Sood Senior Advocate and Megha Babar, Legal Counsel, Syngenta, discuss various aspects of this issue.


Watch them explain :

– Various types of social media abuse

– Need to define Social Media Abuse

– How are companies dealing with instances of social media abuse and what actions are they taking to protect against such abuse?

– Need for maintaining checks and balances by policymakers while defining social media abuse?


Tune in now to watch all this and much more in detail.

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