Start-up Visa Program

19/07/2023 International Trade, STARTUPS By jiten


Present times are precarious for investors, companies, and employees. And Start-ups are proving to play a dominant role in economic growth.

They contribute not only towards employment generation but also enhance productivity, competition, and innovation, all of which are essential for any successful economy.

Considering this, Canada has a designated Start-Up visa program to help foreign start-ups set up in Canada and to encourage the growth of economic activities in the country.

Join our host Aman Abbas in this intriguing discussion with Stephen W. Green, Senior Partner, Green and Spiegel and Stuart Browne, CEO, PYCAP, on Start-up Visa Program Canada.

Watch them share various details of the background of this program, with points to keep in mind while applying for, and the initiatives by the government. #Watchnow, where, with different stakeholders, we explore various aspects of this program. #startupvisaprogramcanada #suvcanada #startupinitiative #startupprogram

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