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04/07/2023 TGLM By LawWiser



It is indeed inspiring to speak to a senior lawyer who has dabbled in corporate and civil laws. The learnings on carving expertise in niche practice areas are what young lawyers need to hear and understand.


Listen to the inspiring journey of a Senior Advocate in our The Great Legal Minds Show with Mr Sanjay Sen, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Aman Abbas, Founder & CEO, LawWiser.


Mr Sen, shares with our host Aman Abbas, his journey in corporate laws and civil courts. He also takes us through some sharp insights from electricity and renewable energy sector.


Watch Now as Mr Sen talks about
– his journey from the corporate sector to going independent
– how to carve expertise in niche practice areas
– insights on Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022 and the protest against the bill
– renewable energy sector- interest of the investors, where does India stand?
– thoughts on sovereign funds for renewable energy and which states in India are ready for it? Are we prepared from a regulatory viewpoint?
– takeaways for young lawyers and law students


To Watch all this and more watch the full feature now!

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