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16/01/2024 TGLM, the in house circle videos By LawWiser

We are today shifting from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism. Hence, a self-governance mechanism should be created with the concepts of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance)

We are delighted to share the much-awaited episode of The Great Legal Minds Show with Sanjeev Gemawat and Aman Abbas, Founder, LawWiser. He is Group General Counsel at Vedanta group and our advisory board member.

He talks about ESG as a global agenda with an emphasis on the governance part of it.

He also takes us through-
– Role of General Counsels in ESG
– Role of the legal side in the environmental and social aspect of ESG
– Role of ESG rating providers
– Bodies governing ESG on the global level and in the country

Stay tuned till the end as he talks also about – The General Counsels’ Association of India and how general counsels are strategisers, enablers and protectors of businesses.

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