Why Startups must Invest in a Strong Patent Strategy?

12/07/2023 STARTUPS By jiten


In this video, we talk about Why it is important for startups to build a strong patent Strategy –

Startups are known for their innovative ideas and technologies that disrupt traditional industries and create new markets. However, with innovation comes the risk of being copied or stolen by competitors, which can hinder a startup’s growth and success. This is why it’s essential for startups to invest in a strong patent strategy to protect their intellectual property and gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.


Today, a patent is one of the most important ways to safeguard any invention. Although the idea of a patent dates back to the 19th century, its demand has grown significantly in recent years, and this is made even more urgent by globalisation.


We witness far too many ideas and breakthroughs every day. Investors will be more likely to invest in your firm if you have a solid IP strategy and patent because the competition is fierce. A patent demonstrates your company’s potential and inventiveness.


An innovation is granted an exclusive privilege known as a patent. A patent gives the patentee/owner the legal ability to prevent anyone from producing, duplicating, importing, or selling any product that violates the invention for which he has been awarded exclusive rights. Patents have a 20-year limitation and cannot be extended. Patents are territorial rights. This means that in order to obtain patent protection in many countries, you must submit a separate application in each of the nations. As an alternative, you can select one of two entry points into numerous nations, such as the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) or the Paris Convention route, which both have the same priority date.


Startups must invest in a strong patent strategy for several reasons:

Protection: A strong patent strategy can protect a startup’s innovative products and technologies from being copied or stolen by competitors. This protection can help the startup establish a foothold in the market and prevent others from taking advantage of their ideas. Revenue: Patents can also generate revenue for a startup through licensing agreements, sales, or enforcement against infringers. A strong patent portfolio can make a startup more attractive to investors, partners, and acquirers, which can lead to increased funding and growth opportunities.

Competitive Advantage: Having a strong patent portfolio can provide a competitive advantage to a startup by giving it exclusivity over its innovations, which can increase its market share and profitability. Valuation: Patents can add significant value to a startup’s overall valuation. This is especially important for startups that are seeking to raise capital or negotiate acquisition deals.

Future Growth: A strong patent strategy can also help a startup stay ahead of the curve by protecting its future innovations and technologies. By securing a strong patent position, startups can continue to innovate and grow while maintaining a competitive edge in their respective markets.


In conclusion, for entrepreneurs wishing to safeguard their intellectual property, obtain a competitive edge, and ensure their future growth, a good patent strategy is essential. Startups can gain a lot from investing in patents, including protection, revenue generation, higher valuation, and potential for future expansion. Thus, in order to compete in the fiercely competitive business environment of today, entrepreneurs must place a high priority on developing a strong patent portfolio.

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