WILDialogs – Panel 1

11/07/2023 knowyourlaw, TRACKS, WilDialogs Panel 1 By jiten


It’s Women’s Day as well as Women’s History Month!

To celebrate that, we are delighted to release the video from Panel 1 of our video series LawWiser #WILDialogs powered by IndusLaw. Our speakers include Senior Advocate, Geeta Luthra; Executive Director & General Counsel at Maruti Suzuki India, Manjaree Chowdhary; and Padmaja Kaul and Namita Viswanath who are both Partners at Induslaw at their Delhi and Bangalore offices, respectively.#GetInspired as they talk about how they overcame #GenderBiases on various fronts and what they #ChooseToChallenge this year.

Special thanks to IndusLaw for their all-important support!

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