Gaming for Nextgen

Online gaming is not a trend, but the future. The gaming sector is adapting to fast-paced changes in technology.

The objective of Gaming week is to make people aware and help them understand different legal, regulatory and policy challenges related to online gaming. So, get in the game and join the roller-coaster weeklong ride exploring the sandbox of online gaming with LawWiser

The week will highlight different aspects of online gaming ranging from fantasy sports, the debate surrounding the game of skill vs game of chance, regulation and ban, betting and gambling, e-sports to understanding evolving landscape of online gaming in India.

It is time for us to explore and understand the differentiators’ game of chance or game skill and unravel the biggest debate on this ‘to regulate’ or ‘to ban’.

Watch legal experts, gaming companies and sports analysts discuss the key legal issues surrounding online gaming in India and the changes that are the need of the hour. Understand online gaming laws through explainers, panel discussions, and daily doses of quick bytes on different aspects of online gaming by our Expert speakers.



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