Here is a quick conversation with Zia Mody, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, AZB & Partners, who was recently listed in LawWiser Super 30 – Most Influential Law firm Professionals


As one of the top legal minds in the country can you share a moment in your career that you consider a true highlight or milestone?

I would say one of the defining milestones in my career is when I was a barrister arguing a case and the opposite counsel cast a doubt on the factual accuracy of my arguments. The Judge basically came to my rescue by saying that Mrs. Mody would not speak anything but the truth. And I demonstrated from the pleadings that I was correct. This not only gave me a sense of huge pride but also much greater responsibility and accountability.


How do you perceive the role of lawyers in addressing broader societal issues in today’s time? Are there particular instances you believe when the legal profession contributed to positive social change?

There are many ways in which lawyers have addressed broader societal issues especially through genuine public interest litigations where the courts have taken onboard burning issues at hand and directed positive social change. Vishaka is one such shining example after which POSH was enacted.


Given your exceptional expertise, what strategies do you employ to stay at the forefront of legal innovation and thought leadership? Are there any specific routines that have contributed to your continued success in the legal field?

One simply has to keep thinking ahead, looking at what innovation is happening around you and not falling short. In terms of thought leadership, it is always anticipated how better the firm could do and create blue water in practice areas and fields and thinking through carefully how to actually achieve it in practical terms.

My routine which may have contributed to my success is simply hard work and a constant passion for what I do.


In your experience, what do you see as the most pressing challenges facing the legal industry today? And what advice would you offer to the next generation of lawyers entering this field?

Today the most pressing challenge would be that of hiring and retaining talent. Good talent is critical to find and a must to retain. My advice to the next generation is to keep the passion. Don’t think of law as just an option but a life story in which you excel.


Mentorship is often cited as a key factor in professional success. Can you share insights into your own experiences with mentorship, both as a mentee and a mentor?

Mentorship is completely a key to professional success. I can say that from my own experience where my two mentors shaped my legal thinking, my career and my value system. I hope that I have been a mentor to many of the young lawyers who worked with us and are now shining stars in their own right, all of whom I am very proud of.


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