Cease and Desist

June 8, 2024

A cease and desist order in India is a legal directive issued by a court or regulatory authority requiring an individual or entity to stop an alleged illegal activity and to refrain from engaging in such activity in the future. This order is typically used to prevent ongoing or imminent harm or to protect the rights and interests of individuals or the public. Cease and desist orders are commonly used in cases of intellectual property infringement, unfair trade practices, defamation, and other violations of legal rights. The recipient of the order must comply with its terms, failing which they may face legal consequences, including fines, penalties, or further legal action. In India, courts, as well as regulatory bodies like the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Competition Commission of India (CCI), have the authority to issue such orders. The purpose of a cease and desist order is to provide immediate relief to the aggrieved party and to prevent further damage, ensuring that legal disputes are resolved effectively and that the rule of law is upheld.


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